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Russel Brand’s The Trews

10 Jul

Trews, the YouTube channel by English comedian, actor, author, activist and celebrity Russel Brand, promises to “unravel the matrix of modern media and reveal the gleaming reality beyond connecting us all to each other through pure consciousness. Or it’s true news. Trews.”

Similarly to Jason Silva, Brand brings YouTube viewers big, sparkling ideas in concise and accessible form. However, with a different mixture of elements: Less Californian techno-utopian ideas, and more social- and media critique on the state of global society; less scenic imagery and more hilarious humor.

The trews YouTube channel tackles issues like “Why so hard on the silk road?”  “Are we all terrorists now?”  and “Can Jeb Bush finally win WW2 for the Nazis?”. Above one of Brand’s more lucid videos, on the question of God’s existence.



Kylie Minogue: Sexercize rework by Hattie Stewart

30 Jun

The original was not sexy enough, so Hattie had to add some improvements.

Aram Zam Zam

22 Jun

This is just great!

Tobacco – Hawker Boat

20 Jun

Sometimes psychedelia lies in a total lack of context. When I envision an alien race observing life on Earth for the first time, I imagine an experience like watching this video. Hopefully they have a sense of humor.

Babies going through tunnels

12 Jun

These babies reactions to the experience of going through a tunnel are so sweet and psychedelic. It’s like they’re going “Whooo! What was that?!!!”. And maybe we should always be like that when going through tunnels. People say babies are in a constant trip. This brings the point home.

(Link: Hagai. Thanks!)


22 May

For you Spanish speakers out there, and for all those who like their Jesus in a psychedelic flavor, Manuel Bonilla sings the glory of creation in psychedelic children-styled animation. See the full show below.

(Link: Dani. Thanks!)

BABY ! LOVE YOUR BODY ! Episode 1 (English)

8 May

The “Baby! Love Your Body!” videos by Poussy Draama & Fannie Sosa offer liberated, guilt free and psychedelically minded sexual education for children. The many “thumbs down” and hate comments this video received just prove how bad it’s needed.


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