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Off The Air: Liquid (S05E01)

16 Nov

Aired in 2015.

List of videos in this episode:

Run Walter Run video provided by Newsflare
Phantom Water Reel by Chris Bryan
Helium Shark by Thomas Marque
Ice Crystal Timelapse by Shawn Knol
Ice cream video by Alan Steadman
Machine Networks 2013 by Ryan Tyler Martinez
Most Incredible Volcano by Geoff Mackley
BBBB by Natalia Stuyk
A Family Affair by Ed Schrader, Kevin Sherry, and John Voigt
Bubble Device #2 by Nicholas Hanna
“Bryn Marina” music video by David Jude Harris, for the song by Sound of Ceres
Splashy Duck by William Anderson; atomic bomb footage provided by VCE Digital, Inc.
The Huber Experiments – Vol. 2 by Erik and Matthew Huber
Vagabond Mutant Liquid by Tobias Stretch
Dry Lights by Xavier Chassaing, score by Thomas Vaquie
Kayakers in Drainage Ditch by Rush Sturges and Ben Marr

Off The Air: Sports (S04E02)

26 Oct

Aired in 2014.

List of videos in this episode:

Your Highness by Max Hattler
Oolympacs by Johnny Woods
“Bim Bam Boom” excerpt from Forbidden Zone dir. Richard Elfman
Magic Ball Man by Maximilien Czech
Cody Jumps Skip by PixelWorkers
Music video for “I Didn’t Know That” by the Books
Frisbee God by Malcolm Sutherland
Ghillie Ball by Dave Hughes, Adam Stockett, and Alan Steadman
Data by Mark “Wolfshirt” Fingerhut
Citius, Altius, Fortius by Felix Deimann
Red Bull Winch Sessions footage courtesy of Red Bull Media House North America

Horrifying Mutant Nightmare Abomination (Remix)

3 Oct

“Discover nature” – a disturbing reflection (if we may call it that) on nature, culture and the weirdness of it all with some flying fish and handsome women. So, do you like nature?


12 Sep

Giancarlo and Nicole try to build IKEA furniture while on acid.

How Was Burning Man?

10 Sep

“How was burning man?? You are asking me how was burning man???”

This is dedicated to all you burners back from the playa and entering decompression.

And for those of you who missed the burn this year, here’s a few videos so you can get an impression of how it was…

Horrifying Mutant Nightmare Abomination (Remix)

20 Aug


Sesame Street Pinball Number Count (All Segments)

6 Aug

Sesame Street’s classic pinbball no. count video proves again that Sesame st. is the queen of all psychedelic TV shows. In 2012 an updated and awesomely psychedelic 3D version of the clip was produced by YouTube user animaysh which is a delight unto itself.

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