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Micro Cameraless Animation Test #1- Robert Lyons

18 Apr

One Celestron Microscope plus four frames of 35mm hand painted film equals some groovy imagery

Visuals by Personnel for a 3D Installation feat. Four Tet

22 Feb

Visuals by Personnel. The track by Four Tet is called “Locked”.

“Lucy in the Sky with Dimonds” by the Flaming Lips feat. Miley Cyrus and Moby

15 Feb

No, I did not make this up. It’s real, even more than real maybe…


4 Jan

If something that is described as “brain melting” just sounds more interesting to you and if you love the idea to be able to buy a ticket for one of Maurits Cornelis Escher’s nightmares then Antichamber might be just the game for you.

“Desert Island” by Mystic Braves

14 Dec

“Sayit” by Röyksopp & Robyn

16 Nov

this is some heavily stylized Scandinavian glitchedelia.



28 Oct

TOMUTONTTU is Jan Anderzen of Avarus and Kemialliset Ystävät fame (check out the website! it is a whole trip in itself). The video above seems to be a little teaser for the release of an outtakes collection. But the one below is a really nice video of Anderzen performing at the annual Colorscape Arts Festival in Turku, Finland (filmed by Sami Sänpäkkilä).

Hey, have a nice sunday!

Asaf Avidan // Different Pulses – Official Video – Directed by Vania Heymann

9 Jun

Israeli director Vania Heymann has become quite an internet phenomenon in Israel. In the past few months, Vania, a film student from Jerusalem has come out of nowhere and released a series of inspiring and highly viral videos into the Israeli web. His latest work, a video clip for Assaf Avidan’s track Different Pulses, has a nice hallucinatory feel to it.

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