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When Black Birds Fly (Trailer) – Jimmy ScreamerClauz

4 Jun

Trailer for the full-length psychedelic horror film by Jimmy ScreamerClauz.  The trailer alone is an endurance test, to say nothing of the insanity that may be induced by watching the entire film!  Proceed with extreme trepidation, disturbing content warning!

Olivier Snijders: Bad Trip

13 Dec

End of school year animation 2014 – 2015.

Trippy-est Video Ever

5 Jan

Assaf Be’er sends us a psychedelic video which is not for the faint of heart. Is this one the trippy-est one ever? I am not sure, but it sure has some pretty powerful moments, some of them quite cruel, all of them taken from other videos, but arranged together in a pretty cool way.

“le silence de la mort”

15 Feb

Psychedelism does not always mean nice colors, good feeling, and perfect sensations !
It could also refer to our worst fears, to death, discomfort…and so on,
here is a example of what could be a bad trip !

track by talasemik
visual by ptitdiable

The Dark Side of The Trip (part 2)

10 Apr

This troubling video was written, composed and sung by Chad Vangaalen.





The Dark Side of The Trip (part 1)

3 Apr





3 May

* BAD TRIP Notice – Caution this clip features dark materials and might catalyze bad trips, especially while under the influence of psychedelics.

A surreal story about a country house, a boy, a girl, a rabbit and a demon. Kind of bad trip material, so be careful when you watch it, but we liked it.

(Link: Alon Idelson)

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