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IV4 ft. Jeremih – Pretty Please (Director’s Cut by Avteur)

27 Feb

Escape Room (2019) – Hallucination Room Scene

31 Oct

lol, Happy Halloween

\m/ \m/ \m/

When Black Birds Fly (Trailer) – Jimmy ScreamerClauz

4 Jun

Trailer for the full-length psychedelic horror film by Jimmy ScreamerClauz.  The trailer alone is an endurance test, to say nothing of the insanity that may be induced by watching the entire film!  Proceed with extreme trepidation, disturbing content warning!

Grinder- a fractal short (Jesper Nybroe)

23 Apr

The world of Mandelbulb 3d animation gets a suprisingly horrific treatment by VFX artist Jesper Nybroe.

Grinder – A fractal short from Jesper Nybroe on Vimeo.


Horror Psychedelia: Melvins- The Talking Horse

20 May

If there is such a thing as horror psychedelia, this is it. This video manages to bridge the gap between hard rock and psychedelia, and has some pretty powerful moments near the end.

(Link: Anthony Abbatangelo. Thanks!)

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