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Blob Friends by Julian Glander

12 Mar

Julian made these very short films for Disney LOL.



22 Jan

A child lives alone on his planet creating his own family by painting faces on rocks. When one day a storm occurs in a strange way, the rain erasing the faces of his friends, he decides to seek the origin of the rain on his planet.

Created by Pierre Emperador.

Rhythm Repeat

15 Jan

Short film by Daniel Moreno and Carlos Enciso.

Planet by bangsangho

11 Dec

Video by bangsangho. Music: Marlow – Kaffee Türkisch feat. Thomas Prestin


10 Apr

Dreamy visions created by Handmade from Canada.

Directors: Nima Ehtemam & Noah Wohl
Producer & Editor: Noah Wohl
Art Director & Illustrator: Nima Ehtemam
Lead 3D Artist & TD: Olivier Masson
Modeling & Animation: Olivier Masson, Nima Ehtemam, Noah Wohl
Composers: Sheida Gharachedaghi, Sam Vipond
Sound Design: Sam Vipond
Musicians: Timur Khametov, Sheida Gharachedaghi

Gelèe Royal

31 Jan

Creature extravaganza by Studio Huckepack.

The Jane Bone Adventures

9 Jan

Overture made this animation masquerading as a video game!

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