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1 Nov

Experimental animation created by Gaia Marcaccini.

Cornelius 『夢の中で』 In a Dream

17 Jun



10 Apr

Dreamy visions created by Handmade from Canada.

Directors: Nima Ehtemam & Noah Wohl
Producer & Editor: Noah Wohl
Art Director & Illustrator: Nima Ehtemam
Lead 3D Artist & TD: Olivier Masson
Modeling & Animation: Olivier Masson, Nima Ehtemam, Noah Wohl
Composers: Sheida Gharachedaghi, Sam Vipond
Sound Design: Sam Vipond
Musicians: Timur Khametov, Sheida Gharachedaghi

Galen Pehrson’s The Caged Pillows

8 Jun

Dream logic filtered through 1980s new age space art style. Soundtrack by Daft Punk, Death Grips, Future Islands and Devendra Banhart.

The piece was commissioned to to launch ruinsmag.com; a cultural digest intended to stimulate conversation around urbanism and the future of cities – reflected through contemporary art, literature and cultural topics.


27 Apr

Becoming aware of where we are right now with the help of Alan Watts.

Dax Norman: Woke up In the Red

10 Nov

Dax tells of the time he woke up inside a dream.

Bonus below: A Day With Dax

Psychedelic dream

13 Mar

A french team trying to render dream effetcs and feelings in their short movie productions!

Inception // how to build dreams

9 May

In the great movie “Inception” (Christopher Nolan), Leonardo DiCaprio teaches how to build dreams and evolve inside it.

Enjoy the great rendered effects pointing a way to play with reality, illusion, and evolve in the “Maya” (just in the between of reality and illusion), and now, try to understand what we live in the real life, as quantum physics could explain it !

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