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Midjourney Music Video – Phantom Regret by Jim

17 Mar

Song in Phantom Regret by Jim (The Dawn FM Experience) by the Weekend

The Eighth – tallJENNY

30 Sep

Jonathan Pillows by Julian Glander

7 May

Two short stories about an aspiring poet.

Sean Capone: MALE.Dictions

7 Nov

This was on display at Sean’s solo exhibition ‘Black Night/White Light’ at SL Gallery, NYC, March-April 2018. It contains material from his CLOUDS b/w DEATH is a STAR.

Sean Capone: CLOUDS b/w DEATH is a STAR

8 Aug

An astral Dr Phil recites and sings poetry and generally trips you out with metaphysical smalltalk.

David Gilmour – “The Girl In The Yellow Dress”

13 Feb

Heres a lovely¬†psychedelic video to get you in the mood and ready for valentines day tomorrow and ready for your “Girl In The Yellow Dress”.

Verse (2010)

15 Mar

Tony Comley presents to us a visual incarnation of his poetry. Prepare to get your brain soaked in the most lysergic way possible.

Dennis Pies – Ace of Light (1984)

30 Nov

Light animation and original poetry in this initiatic journey by Dennis Pies, who is now known as Sky-David.

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