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Cornelius 『夢の中で』 In a Dream

17 Jun



10 Jul

Incredibly shot and edited 4K footage. You might not think its that psychedelic until you watch it late one night, and get transported across the world!


Max Cooper – Repetition – (Official Video By Kevin McGloughlin)

22 Nov

BAYA: Call to Say Hello

13 Nov

John Christian Ferner Apalnes did animations and compositing for this music video for BAYA.

Mirror City Timelapse

1 Jun

Track: Bassnectar – Butterfly (feat. Mimi Page)

Dan Deacon: U.S.A.

4 Jan

Aired in 2013.

List of videos in this Off the Air special music video:

El hombre y la Tierra excerpt
Radical Updates by Andrew Benson
Cityscape Chicago by Eric Hines
Space Station footage supplied by Image Science and Analysis Laboratory at NASA’s John C. Stennis Space Center; Groosland by Dutch National Ballet, footage provided by Poorhouse International, Ltd.; CGI space objects by Adam Bruneau
American Harvest film supplied by Prelinger Archives
Head On by Lior Ben Horin
Murmuration by Liberty Smith and Sophie Windsor Clive
Cy’s Sunrise Lefts by Cyrus Sutton and Korduroy.tv
Moonwalk performance by Dean Potter, cinematography by Reel Walter Productions, Ltd.
Primavera concert videos by Tom Bingham, Gill Austin, Jonathan Rej, and Jeff Crocker
Stone Mountain Ghillie Suits feat. Cody DeMatteis and Zach White, cinematography by Alan Steadman

Galen Pehrson’s The Caged Pillows

8 Jun

Dream logic filtered through 1980s new age space art style. Soundtrack by Daft Punk, Death Grips, Future Islands and Devendra Banhart.

The piece was commissioned to to launch ruinsmag.com; a cultural digest intended to stimulate conversation around urbanism and the future of cities – reflected through contemporary art, literature and cultural topics.

The Sea The Sea – Waiting

9 May

Something I’ve discovered about myself is that I enjoy being in transit. I like sitting on a bus, a plane, or anything else that will let me watch the world roll by and leave me with my thoughts.

I also think cities are beautiful. I grew up in a small town, and getting to experience life in a few cities has enriched my development as a young man.

So I hope you’ll enjoy this one as much as I do.

Pretty Lights

10 Jan

My lifestyle has allowed me to step in and out between life in the city and life in rural America. I’m about to give up the cities for quite a long while, and videos like this do well in capturing what it is that I’m going to miss. Day to day lives of people in all different states of mind and stages in life, all of it melting together in the streets. Briefly and constantly. If you’ve only got time for one video, and you’re feeling something mellow, existential, anthropological, I’d take the first one. If you’re in need of something with a bit more energy and want more of a ride than a people-watching experience, maybe give Door Number 2 a try.


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