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Circulatory Systems

11 May

Fractalised timelapse tripping by Visual Suspect.


Tchaikovsky Waltz of Flowers – Blooming Time Lapse

6 Mar

Beautiful time lapse full of amazing colors and shapes. Because flowers are SO trippy.

Hide by Christian Stangl

9 Oct

This video is quite literally acid. Christian Stangl subjected coins and bank notes to various corrosive substances with hypnotic results.

Off the Air: Earth (S07E01)

16 May

Aired in 2017.

List of videos in this episode:

Reflection Void by Lance Page
Monkey Dreams by Rebecca Shenfeld, footage provided by Getty Images
Lingua Naturae and Deep Time by Julius Horsthuis
When Humans Ruled the Earth by Stephen Ong
“Whale” music video by Pavel Samokhvalov
Digital Nature by Cristopher Golden (credited as The Studio Gold)
Mr. Madila by Rory Waudby-Tolley
“Woodswimmer” music video by Brett Foxwell
Mushroom Timelapse by Eric Deren
The Infinite Now (credited as Infinite Now) by Armand Dijcks and Ray Collins

Wild Wild Waves: Silence

12 Dec

Directed by Thomas Blanchard.

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