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100 gecs – mememe

28 Jan

Wild and silly one from 100 Gecs

Slit-scan video portrait

7 Apr

Slit-scan treatment by Levi Beamish.

Previously we have featured a slit-scan carnival.

Ok, I admit it

5 Mar

A true classic from Sonic Youth. Like their music, this clip is rough, disturbing and multi-layered.  And Kim – you’re my idol!



You Have a Radical Face

8 Jan

There is something in common between looking at abstract art and the psychedelic experience: they both present to you a phenomena that can not be articulated. a beauty that can not be named, an image unmediated by culture. Abstract art at it’s best may depict not more nor less than what Aldous Huxley referred to as “Suchness”

Lan Dan Deeee!

25 Sep

I came across a whole series of videos from japan, made from a 10 seconds footage of Roland McDonald shouting something in Japanese, That are applied over and over again with different video effects. It’s unexplainable, twisted and repetitive, like some experiences from drugs I don’t really want to do again.  Roland McDonald is a disturbing figure to start with, the ecstatic smiley that represents the corporate giant playing with our mind. The Japanese videos in this post, and many others linked to them, are taking to extreme the overwhelming commercial trip that is the urban and the virtual world around us.

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