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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – “Robot Stop”

6 Nov

Austrailian experimental band, King Gizzard & The Lizard wizard bring a mesmerizing mind warp of a music video, off their album “Nonogan Infinity”.

Another psychedelic video which I would praise for its sheer creativity and imagery, one of my favorites by far. Would highly recommend listening to this album if your a fan of hard rock and heavy metal.



You Have a Radical Face

8 Jan

There is something in common between looking at abstract art and the psychedelic experience: they both present to you a phenomena that can not be articulated. a beauty that can not be named, an image unmediated by culture. Abstract art at it’s best may depict not more nor less than what Aldous Huxley referred to as “Suchness”

Farewell Benoît Mandelbrot

18 Oct

Benoît B. Mandelbrot, The father of fractal mathematics had passed away this week, at the age of 84. There are a lot of fractal inspired art going around and numerous animations of the Mandelbrot set, this one is one of the prettier.

inside a computer’s mind

16 Oct

Trying to imagine an artificial intelligence’s consciousness calls for psychedelic imagery. like psychedelic substances, computers and networks are technologies designed to expand our mind. As a technological artifact computers are perfectly logical and coherent, as user interfaces they try to be as accessible as possible; and yet the computer as a conscious being is completely alien to us. This otherness of an artificial mind is the subject of these two videos.
The Rez games are all about a hacker shooting around inside a super intelligent network, trying to protect it. the above video is a trailer for the game The Child Of Eden – the recent addition to the series. I don’t know if the touch screen is really an optional interface, but if it really is, this game is a real trip with it’s cross-consciousness theme and synesthetic approach to soundtrack design.

And here’s another view inside a computer, and a trip down memory lane: The 1980’s classic Tron!
The story is somewhat similar (a hacker fighting his way through a computer…) and the difference in the visual treatment in comparison to Rez should give you some ideas about how dramatically our view of AI has changed.

(Rez link: Corey. Thank you!)

More Psychedelic Datamoshing

10 Oct

I have posted psychedelic datamoshing clips on this blog before. Here are a few more pretty examples of compression artefacts gone trippy.

3D triping on YouTube

13 Sep

Back in the 1990’s there was this fad of stereographic posters, and you could see people standing in gift-shops, staring at completely abstract patterns and occasionally here someone crying “I CAN SEE!”

If you got the hang of it, you can move to the next level of stereographic videos: Just go to full screen view,  cross your eyes and step into the third dimension.

This one requires more intense eye-crossing, but is well worth it:

Imagining the Tenth Dimension

28 Aug

Quantum physics challenges our normal daily perception of the world. scientist Rob Bryanton has a mind blowing video blog that tries to visualize these concepts, along with commentary on conciseness, language, human history and so on . Every video this genius posts turns me onto a dozen different directions, and of course, several other videos. so make sure you have enough time (althogh it seems that the flow of time is just an illusion: our way of sensing of the fourth spatial dimension. apparently we all have A LOT of time) and dive into his wonderful mind expanding blog:


7 Aug

Following the last few videos featured here, here’s more of the hipster-electronic-retro80s’-psychedelia, apparently a new genre in the art of video-clipping.

rad times and compression artefacts

1 Aug

Today I’d like to make the proposal that the aesthetics of “datamoshing” are kinda very psychedelic.

“Datamoshing” is the hip term for the effects achieved by removing keyframes from a videofile. It’s actually a very basic artisic technique in the tradion of randomness and the surfacing display of artistic means. What resurfaces here from the subconscious of the means of production are compression artefacts, objects born from the everyday algorithms of heavy data compression. The focus on compression artefacts  sets them apart from other glitch aesthetics.

Not unlike a Rorschach test or psychedelic visuals these alien everyday compression artefacts are capable of expression. They have an emotional quality; they are anarchic smugglers on the border between conscious and subconscious.

The video above associates the compression artefacts with a certain melancholy. It’s an interesting construction of things passed since early objects of desire from 80s tv commercials and videogames are fused with the involuntary gestures of data compression from the internets early days of videostreaming. Just like a search of lost rad time with youtube.

Don’t miss those other two videos by eddie whelan! They are beautiful and no less rad executions of controlled randomness.

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