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James Hood – Tapestry

11 Dec

Animated and Directed by Howard Matthews.
Produced by Jon Cotton for Poseidon.
Original Artwork: Tatiana Plakhova
for ComplexityGraphics.com

Devon – Grimes (fan video by Tatiana Plakhova)

3 Dec



14 Mar


A magnificent visualisation of our multiverse – like a luminous celestial clockwork – from  at Complexity Graphics.

Luxuearth with Complexity Graphics

8 Nov

Awesome imagery from Tatiana Plakhova.

Music: Moodswings – Path Of Least Resistance

27 Sep

Another great visual piece from Tatiana Plakhova.

Supernal Psychedelia

20 Apr

Hopefully this video will set a nice floaty tone for your 4/20.

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