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TOKIMONSTA ft. Kool Keith: The Force

27 Jun


Video feedback art from Teppei Maki.

Rico Zerone – Morphic Resonance

12 Dec


Pun Collins – Rove

28 Nov


Ritual of Hybrid Media

21 Nov

Excellent live AV performance using a custom video feedback loop rig including a colour-wobbulator and some digital processing.

Idol No More (Remix, 2013)

6 Jun


Nice Datamosh/remoshed Kaleidoscopic video by datartist Phillip Stearns. A remix of Idle No More, by Stine Marie Jacobsen, for the 2013 Turku Biennial in Finland. Bonus: check out his Pointer Feedback:




18 Apr


//?WRITE?// rad video synthesis // colour vomiting feedback // from Melbourne based video artist Kurt Bach // !Features! // bound in entities // !Entities! // bound in events… so as singularity burst forth // consuming… feeling… opening // we as free // so embrace… the industrial // the !electronic!… with // BA9.. BA8.. BA43 // && PALvisionary

Sodeoka – Distortion III Preview (2015)

11 Apr


It doesn’t get more mind-bending and challenging than the modern master of video feedback Yoshihide Sodeoka… He’s just released the 21 minute video Distortion III: an eruption of noise, colour and AV complexity that will melt your visual cortex. It’s available for $5 as video on demand and download,  I’ve prepared to pay the ticket and take the ride in HD and so should you. I’ll see you on the other side…

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