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New Cyriak Video for “Cirrus” by Bonobo

17 Feb

Get your Cyriak fix now!

Ruckazoid – Don’t let me go (She aint mad at it)

16 Feb

(Link: Duddley. Thanks!)

Chateau Marmont – One Hundred Realities

15 Feb

Electro-Escheresque video for the song One Hundred Realities.

The Beatles First Acid Trip

14 Feb

Ever wondered what the Beatles did during their first acid trip. well here it  is:

Connan Mockasin – Forever Dolphin Love

13 Feb

Some trials and tribulations of a dolphuman !

Directed by Daniel Brereton.

f22.0 by flo

12 Feb

PC demo, 1st place at Payback 2013. Download:

Couchsurfing above the polar circle – Norway, Denmark 2012

11 Feb

A beautiful video made by a 23 years old Israeli guy on a couchsurfing trip through Scandinavia shows how much you can achieve with a good camera and lots of enthusiasm.  The song is “This must be it” by the Norwegian group Röyksopp. The Guy’s name is Idan Vagas.

Shout Out Louds

10 Feb

For their forthcoming album “Optica” the swedish band Shout Out Louds has released several videos all drenched in psychedelic glory.


[Many thanks to Karo, again!]

Heroes of the third Kind – Rephlex (Music video)

9 Feb

Dryad Metempsychosis

8 Feb

Visual recursions interlaced for a poetic view of an interstitial state.

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