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New Cyriak Video for “Cirrus” by Bonobo

Get your Cyriak fix now!

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More Uncanny Recursions by Cyriak

This is not the first but the (1, 2, 3…) fourth time that cyriak’s videos are featured here on dpv. Enjoy these recent additions to his  worlds of  uncanny and beautiful recursion (you might even find some resemblance to minecraft’s blocky universe)!

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A little somethin somethin from Cyriak

So I had something completely else planned for today’s video, something about the connection between big wave surfers and chasing the ultimate psychedelic ride (promo:) but then I saw this awsome video in dosenation (which became an imporant part of my internet diet) and I just had to post it here. Cyriak is plane simply a psychedelic genius.

* and another something I have to share with you is the music of Ravid Kahlani and the “Yemen Blues”. It’s a band that plays a mix of Yemen traditional music with blues and is really amazing. Listen to it (and “like” it)  here—–> 

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Cyriak – Surrealistic Animal Evolutionism

In recent weeks we have been receiving a fair amount of Cyriak links. Cyriak, an after effects artist whose work has  already been featured here on the DPV is garnering millions upon millions of YouTube views and quickly becoming a sort of YouTube age Dali (At least in terms of popularity).

Imaginatively and often viciously playing around with simple photos and animations, Cyriak creates dream landscapes which often turn into bizzare nightmares. The result is compelling, though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for someone under the influence…