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||: A Circle Inside A Circle Inside :||

11 Oct

From description: “This video contains images from one of my current live-visual sets, it’s inspired in the color-light spectrum and sacred geometry.” Video by Geso.

Aliens React to Photo Booth

9 Oct

Simple but great trippy effect !

Zbigniew Rybczyński – The Fourth Dimension (1988)

8 Oct

Old skool video trickery from the Polish master. Zbig is producing films again after a long period of working as a professor of cinematography and doing research into compositing technology.

Aurah – Khorwa

7 Oct

If you are tripping alone in your room somewhere on this planet and wish you had some nature around you, watch this one.

“Khorwa combines our shared vision of a naturally serene world, contrasted by the high tensions and excitement of city life.
“Khorwa,” a Tibetan term for “the circle of life,” and an exploration of opposites. “

“Monkey Riches” by Animal Collective

6 Oct

East-Ra – Your Highness (Official Video)

5 Oct

Some modern Croatian psychedelia with a kicking music video.

(Link: Dino Santaleza. Thanks!)

Ironic Bironic

4 Oct

Awesome-sauce from Yoshi Sodeoka.

The Congress

3 Oct

The congress is probably one of the most psychedelic movies I’ve seen in years! Ari Folman has succeeded in transforming the psychedelic experience into a beautiful visionary movie. If you are into psychedelics don’t miss this one!

Burning Man 2013 Time-Lapse

2 Oct

This is a Gathering !!

This video captures Burning Man 2013 from an elevation of 5495 feet above sea level and over 4 linear miles from the center of Black Rock City. Old Razorback, aka Trego Peak, provides a unique vista of this incredible annual event. Climbing to the peak of Old Razorback has become a challenging and rewarding tradition for our team. This is a view that most will never experience in person. It is our passion to share it with the world through the lens of a camera. Climbing 1,888 feet in less than a mile over steep, unstable mountainside is a dangerous and exhilarating mission. This year we deployed cameras during the build week, capturing the growth of the city and ending it the night of the burn. We express gratitude to the family and friends that joined us for this epic climb. We could not do it alone. Many thanks to our team this year: Mark Phipps, John Phipps, Dallon Phipps, Kevin Johnson & Meghan Johnson. We also offer heartfelt thanks to OpenOptics (Inspired Flight) and Dusty Nix for designing such an incredible sound score for this year’s rendition (,

Robin Bushell – Zoo (2008)

1 Oct

Watch out for the panda boogie.

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