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Stromae Humain à l’Eau

17 Oct

Stromae will teach you how to turn your supermarket into a psychedelic Massai exeperience:

The Sacred Science // trailer and sample

16 Oct

A journey on special medecine…

and a bit more :

Little Green Miku Music Video by uvAntam aka Ubar Tmar

15 Oct

Latest craziness by uvAntam. It is his interpretation of Hatsune Miku, the Vocaloid star.

Carpet – Nearly Four

14 Oct

A psychedelic music video for the track “Nearly Four” by Carpet.

Usagi Drop Ending and Intro

13 Oct

Both the ending and the intro of the anime series Usagi Drop (2011) are of a very childlike and heartwarming psychedelic style. Enjoy!

(Thanks to Eva for the suggestion)

Roland van der Velden (AKA Space is Green)

12 Oct

Roland van der Velden is a Dutch artist who makes absolutely spectacular psychedelic videos. Watch and be amazed.

||: A Circle Inside A Circle Inside :||

11 Oct

From description: “This video contains images from one of my current live-visual sets, it’s inspired in the color-light spectrum and sacred geometry.” Video by Geso.

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