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J Laser – Waves and Blades (Yoshi Sodeoka)

25 Nov


Spectrum Discord Number 1 (Yoshi Sodeoka)

21 Jan


Spectrum Discord Number 1 from Yoshi Sodeoka on Vimeo.

Always There – Cachopou (2015)

11 Jul


Fresh frames from Yoshihide Sodeoka’s latest music video by Spain’s Cachopou. Bring on the distortion balls!

Psychedelic Death Vomit (Slight Return) 3d

29 Nov
Welcome to the first of ‘Fractal Feedback’ – a weekly weekend posting of fractal spaces, feedback visions, generative art  and experimental visuals. Get your anaglyph glasses on! Much more pleasant than the original, Yoshihide Sodeoka is a modern master of analogue video effects, feedback and noise music. (Featured previously 123)

Ironic Bironic

4 Oct

Awesome-sauce from Yoshi Sodeoka.

Acheron’s Pyramid / Lyre of the Priestess

1 Mar

Another epic piece of psychedelic triumph by Yoshi Sodeoka.

Yeasayer – Henrietta

5 Oct

Analog psychedelic video by Yoshi Sodeoka.

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