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Sly and the Family Stone visit the Ed Sullivan show (Dance to the music) (1969)

10 Mar

Sly and the family stone performing to the buttoned-up Ed Sullivan crowd in 1969. Just watch the looks on people’s faces as the group descends to the crowd.

And here’s another one by the family. Boy, these guys  had style,.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Live Show Background Loops by Anthony Shepperd

15 Sep

These are silent so you may want to put on your favorite Psychedelic tunes in the background.

Obertongesang, Christian Bollmann

26 Aug

Some seriously psychedelic overtone singing by German overtone master Chrisitian Bollman.


[VRDG003]-Keijiro Takahashi, OBA and DUB-Russell

7 Jul

From the vimeo description:

VRDG+H#2 @ DMM VR THEATER (2016/4/30)
visual : Keijiro Takahashi
sound : DUB-Russell
produce : BRDG / HIP LAND MUSIC /

photo report

version 1「Mirage」

Vanilla Fudge- You Keep Me Hanging On

20 Aug

Desert Dwellers – Lotus Heart (Kalya Scintilla Remix / 4k visual mix by TAS)

23 Apr

A stunningly beautiful visual mix by TAS.

(Link: Zarko. Thanks!)

DJ Shadow: Best of Shadowsphere

19 Apr


DJ Shadow gig visuals in Anaheim at House of Blues, Nov 1st 2010.

LSD, the opera

7 Dec

After the drug, now comes the opera…

Lady Buddha With Thousand Hands – Chinese Deaf Dance Team

20 Nov

Chinese Deaf Dance team perform an incredible dance to emulate the 1000 faces and arms of Lady Buddha.

Bubbles Paradise Liquid Show

21 Oct

Guys from Marseille (France) tripping hard during their live performance /

And have a look to their Video Gallery on Facebook


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