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Howie Lee – “Bei Hai”

3 Sep

More from the great Howie Lee!

Howie Lee – Bankers

20 Aug

LuYang Delusional Mandala by LuYang

29 Oct

LuYang is an emerging Chinese artist who has also presented in the Chinese pavilion in last Venice Biennale. Her video, “LuYang Delusional Mandala” is  really crazy, somewhat eerie and very weird video. It’s laden with ideas about neuroscience, death, theology the virtualization of the artist and many other themes. If I haven’t said it already, it’s extremely bizarre, but I recommend watching it. I think she’s on to something!

What China’s gonna do – Shi-San-Wu

8 Feb

Last October, the Chinese government launched a campaign to inform the international public about it’s 13th five year plan, the Shi San Wu. Interestingly, in their attempt to win the hearts of the the international crowd, they chose to produce their clip in a markedly psychedelic style. So if you ask me, I’m not sure what I think about the five year plan, but I definitely like the clip, and if you watch it you’ll soon be singing along in Chinese: “The Shi-San-what? The shi-san-wu!”

“An Emo Nose” by Wong Ping

11 Dec

“An Emo Nose” is a hyper colorful psychedelic animated tale of solitude and separation. I love Wong Ping’s character design and sense of timelessness in his animated movements. It’s just dreamy.


Lady Buddha With Thousand Hands – Chinese Deaf Dance Team

20 Nov

Chinese Deaf Dance team perform an incredible dance to emulate the 1000 faces and arms of Lady Buddha.

Rollin’ Wang – Chick Chick

10 Nov

Chinese singer Rollin’ Wang recent song “Chick Chick” is threatening to become the new gangnam style.

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