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Desert Dwellers – The Great Mystery music video

26 Jan

By: Julia Wagner.

Spliff Festival

10 Nov

The spliff festival is coming this April. Trailer looks promising.

Trip Aesthetics

13 Oct


‘Trip Aesthetics’ craftily mixes a wide variety of sources in a way that truly transcends to create something new, special and fun. Enjoy!

The News Hasn’t Happened Yet | #3: UP

17 Aug

Skeleton of Color – Sixty Second Docs

12 Jul

Butch Locsin brings color to darkness in this video by 60 Second Docs.

Clouds, Trees, Streams – School of Life

20 Jan

Just stop for a moment preoccupying yourself, and get back to the broader perspectives of the clouds, trees and streams. A beautiful lesson from the School of Life.

History of the entire world, i guess – Bill Wurtz

23 Dec

The history of the entire frigging universe in less than 19 minutes of breakneck speed knowledge and insight. A treasure which every individual should watch!

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