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Morays: Tight

2 May

Fresh take on kaleidoscopic visuals. Music video by Mark Blade, who is a vocalist and guitarist in Morays.

The Curls – “Nu-Country”

27 Apr

Chicago’s legends-in-the-making THE CURLS have released a single and video that is just weird + sad + surreal + scary + hilarious enough to capture these, er, unique times we live in. Video directed by Alex Jensen.

Outronaut: Love is Space (Tom McKeon visuals)

13 Apr

Instrumental rock from Chicago’s Outronaut

Woongi – Not Sad Sequence (video by Alex Jensen)

13 May

“Primary” by FACS

9 Dec

Very nice abstract/minimalistic video by Alexander Stewart and Jordan Wong for the FACS.

Mucca Pazza – Barbarous Relic (dir. Matthew Shelton)

11 Jun

Chicago’s long-beloved punk rock marching band Mucca Pazza gets the Flex Your Love Muscles treatment for this moody and wild original composition.


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