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Junior Senior – “Move Your Feet

26 Mar

La Bionda- I Wanna Be Your Lover with animation by Guido Manuli

13 May

La Bionda was a late 70’s-early 80’s Italian disco band. The lovely bit of animation in this groovy video was created by Italian animator Guido Manuli. I love the hand clap edits!

“The Triumph”/ “Can You Feel It” by The Jacksons

28 Dec

The video that accompanied the “Can You Feel It” single by The Jacksons was simply called “The Triumph”. It was directed by Bruce Gowers and Robert Abel and praised for its advanced use of special effects.

A little bonus:

Laurel Halo – Embassy

11 Sep

You might not remember the 80’s as a particularly psychedelic decade. Now here are your new memories. This is a video of beautifully blissful 80’s laser disco psychedelia. Enjoy!

Video by: Josef Kraska

(Thanks to Jochen for the link)

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