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Le Forbici di Manitù: Everyone Is Thinking Of Me

16 May

Music video directed by Rullampo (Pietro Leddi).

Tuesday’s Cockroaches: Sunny Cindy

4 May

Music video directed and animated by Rullampo.

“La felicità arriverà qua” from Signor Rossi

8 Jul

This is a song from the first movie (or the 3rd episode taken from that movie) of the popular italian cartoon Signor Rossi. But it is not just this song or episode but the whole show that is full of trippy animations and imagery.

Sonic Jesus – “Lost Reprise”

11 Dec

*Epilepsy Warning*

A beautifully stunning and mind-bending psychedelic visual music video from the Italian band, Sonic Jesus. Its long at parts but the quality of the visuals are so captivating you just continue on to see what will happen next.


“The Guardian” by Alessandro Nevelli

16 Oct

A powerful black and white animation by the Italian Artist, Alessandro Nevelli who talks about fear and anxiety of the choices we make in our lives.


A/V 3 – Modulation Express

11 Apr

A video starting from three pictures and music starting from three sounds. Video by Michele Vitobello, music and sound design by Giovanni Mennuni.

Bionda – Hey Woman

7 Jan

Back in the 1970s you could be disco and psychedelic, psychedelic and disco – and there was nobody ever better to prove it than Bionda


La Bionda- I Wanna Be Your Lover with animation by Guido Manuli

13 May

La Bionda was a late 70’s-early 80’s Italian disco band. The lovely bit of animation in this groovy video was created by Italian animator Guido Manuli. I love the hand clap edits!

“Spacer Woman” by Charlie

22 Mar

psychedelic italo disco classic (1983)!

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