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Aurora – Rus Khasanov

5 Aug


A U R O R A from Rus Khasanov on Vimeo.

Ferrofluid – Colored II

27 May

Made in Paris, France by: Antoine Delach, Valere Amirault, Teurk.


11 Nov

A short film journeying into a microcosm of darkness and fluorescence.

Created with ferrofluid, UV lights, fluorescent watercolours, paints, inks and oils. With the presence of a magnetic field, ferrofluid and kaleidoscopic substances form mesmerising and surreal patterns. Using a HFR camera and macro lens, I captured these visuals before they vanished back into darkness.

Sony FS700
100mm macro lens
Inspired by Susi Sie, Fabian Oefner and Nils Frahm

A film by Karl Fenton

Music: Nils Frahm – More

Tidal Empire (Animist) by Perry Hall

6 Dec


Check out this mind-blowing live painting using oil, acrylic and ferrofluid. Perry Hall’s website has 40+ Live Painting Videos, so drop everything, put on your favourite psychedelic background music and let your mind be washed away with this fluid, magnetic art.

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