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Billie Eilish – you should see me in a crown (Official Video By Takashi Murakami)

14 Sep

Takashi Murakami-BBC Documentary

1 Nov

Takashi Murakami is one of the more enigmatic artists of our time. His works flirt (or more than that) with both the psychedelic world (with as obvious works as the psy mushroom figures) and the capitalist world. This BBC documentary tries to follow the philosophy behind Murakami’s art. It does give an interesting insight to the philosophy behind the work, but somehow I feel that someone that is not full submerged in the Japanese culture cannot fully understand the messages that Murakami conveys in his art.

Takashi Murakami Superflat Monogram

9 Jul

A Japanese Alice in wonderland falls down the rabbit hole in search of her cellphone and lands in a bizarre world of magical brands. This amazing Superflat Louis Vitton by Takashi Murakami bears resemblance to Murakami’s Superflat First Love, and uses similar motives. It is a yet higher level of the mixture of the worlds of psychedelia, consumerism and magic.

KaiKai & KiKi – Takashi Murakami

21 Mar

“Kaikai & Kiki” is 2005 teaser for a longer animation video by Takashi Murakami, which has been featured on the DPV before. While we haven’t been able to find the full film, we are always ecstatic at any new eye-candy from this Japanese genius of pop-culture psychedelia.

Superflat First Love by Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton

21 Aug

The lines between psychedelic art and excessive commercial advertising can’t be moreĀ  blurred. it seems to be a part of a whole series, and the other videos are not any less pretty and trippy!

"The apocalyptic champ" - Takashi Murakami Detail

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