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This Will Destroy You – “New Topia”

2 Oct

Experimental post rock band, This Will Destroy You, brings us and adult swim a music video for the song “New Topia” which is about the spiritual and symbolic journey through the seven sacraments, which allows us to dream for what could be revealed behind the door to the afterlife. New Topia is a place for imagination and hope for what lies ahead.

Honestly probably one of my top psychedelic/animation video of this year. The ethereal sounding music takes over your mind and body as you watch the simplistic symbols transform, before the song kicks in sending you into deep time. so be warned…

This WILL destroy you


Matt Reed: Cosmic Egg

8 Apr

Californian artist Matt Reed presents us a cosmic Easter egg!

Transmutations by Stefan Heller

2 Oct

The quality in this is more of a very rough animation test than a finished product, but it has some good ideas. It is the artist Stefan Heller‘s personal mythology.

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