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Caural – Lake

22 Nov

Sean Capone created this music video using photos taken with a cell phone as a base.

Here’s a pretty hypnotic project he did for PUMA: The Book of Five Rings

In “The Time Tunnel” he mashed together all sorts of time-travel sequences found in sci-fi films and the result is quite trippy as might be predicted.
On his Youtube channel are some other, more slower pieces that are worth checking out, like animated wallpapers designed for events.

Not Knot – The Mathematics of Knots, Links and the Space around them

21 Nov

When you experience that the actual world you see is only one way of seeing the world, you start perceiving worlds of possibilities amidst the actual. This is a kindred appeal in psychedelic practices, philosophy and modern mathematics etc.

Expand your mind, expand your actual possibilities.

(lots of thanks to Arjan Dhupia again for providing this link)

Acid Washed – Snake

20 Nov

This video for the House band Acid Washes was designed by graphic artist Anthony Burrill.

It’s the combination of extreme simplicity, full abstraction and bright colors that got this wonderful artist to a blog that deals with psychedelic aesthetics, but I love his work regardless of that.


Welcome to the fractalic castle

18 Nov

Turn the volume up. I love the disturbing soundtrack of this video.

Cosmic Joker // Ultimaya // Travel in illusion

17 Nov

As I follow paths toward delayed mirror of feedback phenomena, then primordial reflection of the divine essence is approached, and absence of delay is revealed.

Namely the great question of  pure reality is put straightforward:  the formless, unthinkable, untouchable, religiousness  but beyond religion.

In the subtle movement  of the self-created pixels gathering taking place on the screen, we recognize ancestral, primitive as well as future shapes knotted within eternal rebirth of archetypal human being…

Unless I is dreaming.

But who owns the dream?
who is dreaming ? I or eye ?

– I thought I was Created…

AntiVJ building projections

16 Nov



AntiVJ offers live performances and installations and is basically a visual label. It was established in 2007 and has members from Paris, Brussels and Bristol.

AU – Ida Walked Away

15 Nov

Music video by Takafumi Tsuhiya.

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