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Untitled // Ultimaya

8 Feb


A new excerpt of a work in progress by Nataraj (Ultimaya) drawings put into colored  video animation !

Video Feedback // universe crossroad 146 // Ultimaya

24 Aug

A 2009 psychedelic short clip by ULTIMAYA Lab.

ULTIMAYA // Liquefaction, Solution, Distortion…

13 Apr

Liquefaction Solution Distortion
Maya Loop the fundamental
Consciousness Feedback Experiment
Ultimaya May 2008, Lyon Dark side of feedback process // Samas, liquid shakti, Victor Furiani // Ultimaya team sound Liquid Shakti.

Ultimaya // Larsenball //

16 Mar

Here is a sample of my actual work in progress in generative video feedback.

more to come soon ūüėČ

video: Samas (Ultimaya/Le complexe du crabe)
Juggling: Joa.na! (Le complexe du crabe)
Music: Hightone (outback)


2 Mar

VIDEO MANDALA by Nataraaj & Noman


Quetzalcoatl // ULTIMAYA

9 Feb

Kozak noman laboratoratory meets Quetzacoalt part 1
La sierpente me dijo que viniera aquí
I am beyond all forms and denominations, the secret of the unity and duality, infinite replication


Cosmic Joker // Ultimaya // Travel in illusion

17 Nov

As I follow paths toward delayed mirror of feedback phenomena, then primordial reflection of the divine essence is approached, and absence of delay is revealed.

Namely the great question of  pure reality is put straightforward:  the formless, unthinkable, untouchable, religiousness  but beyond religion.

In the subtle movement¬† of the self-created pixels gathering taking place on the screen, we recognize ancestral, primitive as well as future shapes knotted within eternal rebirth of archetypal human being…

Unless I is dreaming.

But who owns the dream?
who is dreaming ? I or eye ?

– I thought I was Created…

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