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Video Feedback // universe crossroad 146 // Ultimaya

24 Aug

A 2009 psychedelic short clip by ULTIMAYA Lab.

Ultimaya // Larsenball //

16 Mar

Here is a sample of my actual work in progress in generative video feedback.

more to come soon 😉

video: Samas (Ultimaya/Le complexe du crabe)
Juggling: Joa.na! (Le complexe du crabe)
Music: Hightone (outback)

Quetzalcoatl // ULTIMAYA

9 Feb

Kozak noman laboratoratory meets Quetzacoalt part 1
La sierpente me dijo que viniera aquí
I am beyond all forms and denominations, the secret of the unity and duality, infinite replication



20 Oct


Blue Moon Path // ULTIMAYA 2010 //

25 Aug

Please view in HD !

Something arises. See if it can arise without a witness.  It’s not happening to you… There is nothing you need to change. Stand on your own. Like phenomena come, so they go… Only don’t give any image to this witness.  Examine thoughts’ credentials. Pay attention to the watcher.  See if the seer itself has a shape…      (Mooji)

Tales of emptiness

15 Jul

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