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Killer Mike – “Reagan”

20 Mar

A hyper-political R.A.P. Music track by hyper-political rapper, Killer Mike

Im not the type to get too deep about most things, especially politics, but Killer Mike brings a different type of rap via a psychedelic hyper-political music video which really brings light to why things are so difficult for some. To how the American system got so messed. Ironic considering Reagan helped America dig itself out of its economic problem, which ultimately lead to the start of “Reagan era” and its future ramifications.

A wise man once told me “politics will always be politics.”


The Intergalactic Underground

23 Oct

I think it’s time to reveal the psychedelic videos of DPV’s founder, Ido Hartogshon. His diverse enterprises include a political (?) party, a motivational course for personal and universal Geula, a birthday party for the whole universe, and a series of commercials that explain why marijuana is evil. and most of these are psychedelicly documented in his funny and extremely good vibe youtube page.

and here comes an intergalactic transmission:

Lan Dan Deeee!

25 Sep

I came across a whole series of videos from japan, made from a 10 seconds footage of Roland McDonald shouting something in Japanese, That are applied over and over again with different video effects. It’s unexplainable, twisted and repetitive, like some experiences from drugs I don’t really want to do again.  Roland McDonald is a disturbing figure to start with, the ecstatic smiley that represents the corporate giant playing with our mind. The Japanese videos in this post, and many others linked to them, are taking to extreme the overwhelming commercial trip that is the urban and the virtual world around us.

Jill Bolte Taylor’s stroke of insight

20 Sep

How many brain scientists had had the chance of studying a brain stroke from the inside out? Jill Bolt talked on TED about her own stroke, with remarkable openness. What she described may remind a psychedelic trip, so her fluent explanation about the mechanism behind that might shed some light on your own experiences; but the real light comes at the end of this beautiful, funny and touching clip…

thank you Matan L. for that link!

Space Is The Place

6 Sep

Some kind soul uploaded the complete feature film of the radical jazz musician Sun Ra. It mixes intelligent alien life with ancient Egyptian art, black pride, God, the Devil and ho so wonderful music.

Psychedelic Independence

15 Jul

Bjork reminds us what “they” want us to be, and what “we” should do.

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