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Conway’s Game of Life

14 Aug

A simulation of life patterns in John Conway’s: Game of Life.

LSD dream emulator

11 Jul

“LSD Dream Emulator” is a PS 1-era game, it became cult classic for it being released only in Japan, and remaining widely unknown up till today. In the game you have to achieve no goal,there are no battles, nothing but exploring completely random environments. The main appeal for players is its insanity.

The only thing you have to do in it is to wander deeper and deeper into your simulated consciousness. Daring to face hallucinations that get more and more messed-up – without getting killed. Do you really want to get yourself into that trip?

The upper video was taken at the beginning of the game, while the bottom one (featuring the narration by the YouTube user who uploaded it), is from the final part of it.

Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO) trippin on Computer Games

27 Mar

Yellow Magic Orchestra had a great sense for the psychedelic dimension in the electronic dreams of the late 70’s and early 80’s. And the clip for the track computer games has it all:  early computer games, electronically generated images, Kraftwerk and traditional symbols in one mind-blowing trip (to the left).

Space Giraffe

5 Jun

How about those psychedelic computer games? Are they good to play while on a trip? I’m not sure how one will perform. But what is for sure, is they are beautiful to watch.

Space Giraffe is one of those psychedelic computer games where it seems as if unidentified objects of consciousness are fighting against themselves in a struggle to free the soul out of it’s cage and bring eternal oneness to the world. Enjoy!

(Link: Aleksander Marcic. Thanks!)

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