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Phrygian Pleasures (Lune Sombre)

5 Jul

Some novel mandelbulbage.


Nathan Felix: Harmonious Harlot (music video by Bill Tavis)

17 May

Brilliant visuals from Bill Tavis. Apparently he uses custom code to generate them.

Incidentally, he is having a Kickstarter for a Mandelmap poster.

Fractalicious 3 (2016)

10 Jan


Nature Abstraction – Fractals Excerpt

26 Sep


Earth – Dream Koala (2015)

27 Jun


Streak past the ISS riding Aurora Australis and re-enter the anthropocene to these excellent Sci-Fi themed space and earth visuals, with some fractal and generative art to sooth us weary travelers from the outer limits.
[Mission Report:] Space-Koalas sighted near Hibernia-Major…

Viking Star Fractals (2015)

21 Jun


Keeping up my Fractal quota with this mesmerising fractaliciousness….
4 coral & sea-life inspired HD fractal ‘Cinegraphs’ by julius-horsthuis.com.
Made with Mandelbulb 3D.

AAAA – Blackfish (2015)

23 May


Exceptional undulating fractal moire goodness… A blood-red living coral set to fat beats by AAAA.

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