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“Exhumed” by Zola Jesus

15 Oct


“The Traveller” by Beach House

31 Jul

new Beach House video for the track The Traveller.

“The Flower Lady” by Locust

5 Jun

“Reality Is Tearing Itself Asunder… And I Must Race”

30 Sep

Awesome video/quote by Kazz.

Also: Check out that psych-fuzz-soundtrack of the game.

Taken together with the following video of Nitronic Rush (both found on kazztawdal’s youtube channel), you should have a good time comparing aesthetic qualities to the famous “Stargate”-sequence in 2001 – A Space Odyssey.

Don’t laugh! I am more than half serious about this…

(jump to 1:45 if you want to save the “nitronic loading screen” and some nitronic option screens for later)

You can download Nitronic Rush here.

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