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Twentytwohundred by Syntaks

3 Feb

From the video description: “Syntaks’ Jakob Skott created this video for the song “Twentytwohundred” (from his group’s full-length Ylajali), in which the parallels between the Danish artist’s visual and aural sensibilities are on full display. Warm, saturated colors and dreamy, abstract imagery fill the clip with a sense of nostalgic wonder, echoing the music’s romantic mingling of the real and unreal.”

Go-qualia “Requiem”

20 Jan

A pitch-perfect video for Go-qualia’s Requiem, with sparkling imagery and elements of sacred geometry. It reminds me of Eckhart Tolle’s quote: “diamonds are the enlightenment of rocks.” In that sense, this video is a beautiful visual representation of enlightenment.

Jonti “Firework Spraying Moon”

30 Dec

Strawberry skies and multi-hued dyes make for a trippy video (and song) from South African/Australian musician Jonti.

Sur le Quai

16 Dec

This video for “On the Platform” by The Bewitched Hands is a visual revelry, telling the story of dimensional conquest driven by love. Perhaps an archetypal allegory for all evolutionary leaps.

Blackbird Blackbird – Pure

9 Dec

This video evokes altered-state imagery that will be familiar to many viewers. The black grid lines, jewel-like colors, and hints of embarkation, observation, and approach are especially redolent. The patterns integrate into the subject matter to create a formscape reminiscent of hyperspatial modalities. The visual rhythm is cohesive and masterfully executed to compliment the Blackbird Blackbird song Pure.


11 Nov

Panaframe has an excellent Vimeo page, with several lively music videos of shimmering vistas to activate all the right endorphins. Here are two to get you started:

For those of us in the northern hemisphere who wish it was still summer, an iridescent tropical daydream for “In the Water” by Beat Connection.

And in this video, prismatic visuals highlight the ethereal sounds of “Upperground Stories” by Plastic Flowers.

Mass Ornament – Lexus Dilemma

18 Sep

Music by Mass Ornament/Eden Hemming Rose.
Video by Rachel Evans.

Laurel Halo – Embassy

11 Sep

You might not remember the 80’s as a particularly psychedelic decade. Now here are your new memories. This is a video of beautifully blissful 80’s laser disco psychedelia. Enjoy!

Video by: Josef Kraska

(Thanks to Jochen for the link)

Space Siren and Sleepy Sweet by Pram

31 Jul

You might very well ask:  so, what is supposed to be psychedelic about the clip above? Isn’t this just  a bunch of very normal scientists really involved in what they are doing? Well, I can not say you are wrong. But there is just something that strikes me odd about the way their curiosity shows… also one of the papier-mâché aliens has, you know, kinda wide pupils (he’s in a dark room after all).

If you did like the Broadcast clips here and here, you might enjoy Pram’s weirdness as well. Check it out!

Light Emerges by Akron/Family

5 Jun

In this video by Kelsey Harris and J Logan Corcoran the dark psychedelic atmosphere is achieved through the most simple means. It’s just like a daisy chain of swirling spotlight petals.

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