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Energia Sagrada by NexusVisions

Sacred Energy Aumetry also known as SEA is the Collaborative project of designer and digital artist Samuel Farrand and visionary video producer Ferdinand Real who goes under the performance name of NexusVisions.

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Ixian Gate (2015)


A strange Virtual Reality experience melding science fiction, sacred geometry & ancient cultures, based on the artwork of Jess Johnson and animated by Simon Ward.  Australians can trip to this show December 5th as part of the Wurm Haus Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria.

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Fractals: The Infinite In Between

This is a beautiful fractal interpretation of universal patterns, appropriating sacred geometry in a sort of cosmic creation mythos. The video strikes me as a primordial stars journey in a process of fractal proliferation across the universe. Created by Minghao Xu at Void Visuals, his work wants to remind of the universal essence within us all.

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Go-qualia “Requiem”

A pitch-perfect video for Go-qualia’s Requiem, with sparkling imagery and elements of sacred geometry. It reminds me of Eckhart Tolle’s quote: “diamonds are the enlightenment of rocks.” In that sense, this video is a beautiful visual representation of enlightenment.