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Carroll: Bad Water

Beautiful animated music video by Lila Burns.

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Tangerine Dream – “Origin of Supernatural Probabilities”

From 1967 German electronic space/cosmic band Tangerine Dream, off there album “Zeit”

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COSMOS: A Visual Effects Odyssey


Super-cut of 260 visual effects for COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey, set to haunting music ‘A3’ by Nicolas Jaar’s Darkside. Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson trip to beautifully rendered cosmic phenomena in HD glory.
Can I buy tickets to that spaceship?

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Fractals: The Infinite In Between

This is a beautiful fractal interpretation of universal patterns, appropriating sacred geometry in a sort of cosmic creation mythos. The video strikes me as a primordial stars journey in a process of fractal proliferation across the universe. Created by Minghao Xu at Void Visuals, his work wants to remind of the universal essence within us all.