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Glintshake: Wrong Anthem

13 Dec

Directed and animated by Alexander Kostenko.


The Nest

6 Dec

Another great and unique video by Igor Goryunov / tadeush. Previously on DPV: https://dailypsychedelicvideo.com/2017/01/19/over/

Легенды перуанских индейцев / The Legends of the Peruvian Indians (1978)

6 Jul

Directed by Vladimir Pekar in The Soviet Union. Some really nice trance dance moments in this and all around great character designs.

Luminokaya: Pyroclastic Blow & Hocus Pocus

5 Jan

Luminokaya is a Russian visionary artist. He is mostly doing static artwork, but is also experimenting with animations.

The Path (ZX Spectrum demo by Cyberpunks Unity & Inward, 2004)

25 Nov

Cyberpunks Unity is a ZX Spectrum demo group from Rybinsk, Russia. Inward is their subgroup. You can get the original demo from pouet.net.

Ivan Maximov – From Left to Right (1989)

14 May

Ivan Maximov leads us from left to right in a glorious parade of entities.

Merry Poppins – My name is Love

8 Nov

Russian pop music video by Alexey Terehoff.

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