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Evert van der Veen: Sonic Fauna

21 Feb

Sound-manifesting curious creatures.

Animations by Claire Fauché

10 Jun

7Colors for the scents

Created as a scented flipbook.


For the debut screening of this one, the exhibition space was perfumed and citrus sweets were given to the visitors. It’s a pity we can’t experience the olfactory elements of these creations, but maybe you are able to get some synesthetic kicks from the animation!

Advanced Beauty

21 Jun

1 of 18 by Robert Seidel

14 of 18 by Tom Scholefield

Advanced Beauty is an ongoing art project with a large number of collaborators. Their first release was a collection of 18 synesthetic sound sculptures. There are no news about any upcoming releases as far as I can tell.

You can see all 18 videos in their Vimeo group.

inside a computer’s mind

16 Oct

Trying to imagine an artificial intelligence’s consciousness calls for psychedelic imagery. like psychedelic substances, computers and networks are technologies designed to expand our mind. As a technological artifact computers are perfectly logical and coherent, as user interfaces they try to be as accessible as possible; and yet the computer as a conscious being is completely alien to us. This otherness of an artificial mind is the subject of these two videos.
The Rez games are all about a hacker shooting around inside a super intelligent network, trying to protect it. the above video is a trailer for the game The Child Of Eden – the recent addition to the series. I don’t know if the touch screen is really an optional interface, but if it really is, this game is a real trip with it’s cross-consciousness theme and synesthetic approach to soundtrack design.

And here’s another view inside a computer, and a trip down memory lane: The 1980’s classic Tron!
The story is somewhat similar (a hacker fighting his way through a computer…) and the difference in the visual treatment in comparison to Rez should give you some ideas about how dramatically our view of AI has changed.

(Rez link: Corey. Thank you!)

Sensology by Michel Gagné

11 Oct

Here are six minutes of black and white synesthesia, to a free jazz piece by Paul Plimley and Barry Guy.

(link: Matan. thank you again!)

Cornelius – Sensuous

29 Aug

And yet another beautiful Cornelius video. Not just supplementing the sound, the visuals add a voice of their own. Enjoy the harmony of your senses!

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