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Little Monkey

28 Feb

Something about VALIS

10 Oct

This clip uses strange, home-made (???) videos to try and convey the idea of VALIS that originated in the mind of Philip K. Dick. That is, a “Vast Active Live Intelligent System”, a conceptual entity that bends time and space, and is made of information and¬†knowledge. Although it is Godlike, it doesn’t rule the world; It keeps it from falling to chaos by giving¬†enlightenment. If I understood it right…

Video Feedback // universe crossroad 146 // Ultimaya

24 Aug

A 2009 psychedelic short clip by ULTIMAYA Lab.

Hoffman’s Flashback

27 Jul

Music by Shpongle (Divine Moments of Truth) Animation by Danny Gom

Enter The Void

19 Feb

Watching Gaspar Noe’s new film is a death and re-birth experience. definitely the most psychedelic film I’ve ever seen, it’s like going into the mind of another person, and experiencing this conciseness change, from normal to a full-on DMT trip, to a near death experience an beyond. The photography and artistic design are absolutely incredible, I have no idea how most of the scenes were shot.




The Intergalactic Underground

23 Oct

I think it’s time to reveal the psychedelic videos of DPV’s founder, Ido Hartogshon. His diverse enterprises include a political (?) party, a motivational course for personal and universal Geula, a birthday party for the whole universe, and a series of commercials that explain why marijuana is evil. and most of these are psychedelicly documented in his funny and extremely good vibe youtube page.

and here comes an intergalactic transmission:

inside a computer’s mind

16 Oct

Trying to imagine an artificial intelligence’s consciousness calls for psychedelic imagery. like psychedelic substances, computers and networks are technologies designed to expand our mind. As a technological artifact computers are perfectly logical and coherent, as user interfaces they try to be as accessible as possible; and yet the computer as a conscious being is completely alien to us. This otherness of an artificial mind is the subject of these two videos.
The Rez games are all about a hacker shooting around inside a super intelligent network, trying to protect it. the above video is a trailer for the game The Child Of Eden – the recent addition to the series. I don’t know if the touch screen is really an optional interface, but if it really is, this game is a real trip with it’s cross-consciousness theme and synesthetic approach to soundtrack design.

And here’s another view inside a computer, and a trip down memory lane: The 1980’s classic Tron!
The story is somewhat similar (a hacker fighting his way through a computer…) and the difference in the visual treatment in comparison to Rez should give you some ideas about how dramatically our view of AI has changed.

(Rez link: Corey. Thank you!)

Jill Bolte Taylor’s stroke of insight

20 Sep

How many brain scientists had had the chance of studying a brain stroke from the inside out? Jill Bolt talked on TED about her own stroke, with remarkable openness. What she described may remind a psychedelic trip, so her fluent explanation about the mechanism behind that might shed some light on your own experiences; but the real light comes at the end of this beautiful, funny and touching clip…

thank you Matan L. for that link!

Psychedelic Visions from Other Worlds

1 Sep

Other worlds – J. Kounen (2004)

Ayahuasca induced DMT visions guided by Shipibo Shamens deep in the Peruvian Amazons. This is the final scene from Jan Kounen’s documentary Other Worlds (“D’Autres Mondes”).

…We all share a universal mythology, which serves as a source for the visions. Each and every one of us is an infinite universe, where angels and demons make up our thoughts, emotions, memory and our body…

For more information: http://otherworlds.jankounen.com/#

Imagining the Tenth Dimension

28 Aug

Quantum physics challenges our normal daily perception of the world. scientist Rob Bryanton has a mind blowing video blog that tries to visualize these concepts, along with commentary on conciseness, language, human history and so on . Every video this genius posts turns me onto a dozen different directions, and of course, several other videos. so make sure you have enough time (althogh it seems that the flow of time is just an illusion: our way of sensing of the fourth spatial dimension. apparently we all have A LOT of time) and dive into his wonderful mind expanding blog:


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