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AS Chingy

29 Jun

A crazy whirlwind of confusion and other worldly feelings


14 Nov


Did you pass?

Always There – Cachopou (2015)

11 Jul


Fresh frames from Yoshihide Sodeoka’s latest music video by Spain’s Cachopou. Bring on the distortion balls!

Actress – Bird Matrix (2015)

30 May


Them distorted, twisted Lovebirds from the psychedelic dimensions.
What realms do they occupy in their amorous inactivity?
Excellently weird video from Nic Hamilton set to music by Actress.



Sodeoka – Distortion III Preview (2015)

11 Apr


It doesn’t get more mind-bending and challenging than the modern master of video feedback Yoshihide Sodeoka… He’s just released the 21 minute video Distortion III: an eruption of noise, colour and AV complexity that will melt your visual cortex. It’s available for $5 as video on demand and download,  I’ve prepared to pay the ticket and take the ride in HD and so should you. I’ll see you on the other side…

Moody’s Planet (2014)

21 Feb


The description of this Korean Psychedelic animation translates to:
In fact, although they are lost and confused, there’s a tranquility in your own world. Visual representation of my own planet.
Now I want to trip to Hyunji Lee’s weird world…

ULTIMAYA // Liquefaction, Solution, Distortion…

13 Apr

Liquefaction Solution Distortion
Maya Loop the fundamental
Consciousness Feedback Experiment
Ultimaya May 2008, Lyon Dark side of feedback process // Samas, liquid shakti, Victor Furiani // Ultimaya team sound Liquid Shakti.

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