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Broadcast and the Focus Group

24 Jul

vexyvex has posted Broadcasts beautiful papercuts clip on this site a while ago. Here are some of the clips from their collaboration with Julian House. They are alive with a playful and childlike psychedelic spirit mixed with lots of occult symbols and imagery.



ShapeShifter by Charlex

23 Jul

A car commercial or a DMT flash?

(Link:  Kathleen. Thanks!)

Farbrausch: fr-minus-012: palindromeda suger

22 Jul

Epilepsy warning! Although I don’t know why anyone with epilepsy would want to read this blog. Technically, there is nothing wrong with the soundtrack, but I’m not sure about the composer’s mind.


21 Jul

We each carry our own ashes in a box wherever we go. We go deep into forests, up on mountain tops, in rivers and lakes to scatter them around. Constantly leaving our old self behind, and generating cloud-light, pieces of sky.

Jan Kounen / Gisele Kerozene…

20 Jul

A last hint of Jan Kounen…a Master…in psychedelism / Stop motion technique…

In 1989, he directed GISELE KEROSENE, “Grand Prix du Court-Métrage” award at the Avoriaz Festival.

NAKED Compagnie concert visuals

19 Jul

Some interesting concert visuals. You might want to mute the sound and play your own selection of background music.

Rendezvous – C Sharp

18 Jul

This is the music video for the first single from this new electronic band, Rendezvous.

The clip is animated in a very surreal style, full with bright colors and fantastical action, and also seems to hide in it some obscure message…

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