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21 Dec

Here is some 3rd eye imagery, pyramids, and flying castles for your brain.

Major Lazer – ‘Get Free’ feat. Amber

20 Dec

Join Major Lazer on this weird journey….

Avi Buffalo – What’s In It For?

19 Dec

A music video clip where the characters evolve in a psychedelic environment !

by Andrew Huang

Tom Tom Club – Genius Of Love

18 Dec

LSD effects through a 1980s pop art visual filter. Artwork by James Rizzi (1950-2011). Audio on the vid is a bit on the loud side, so adjust to a safe setting before pressing play.

1960s psychedelic tracks animated by Adam Rubin

17 Dec

Two nice psychedelic animations to classic 1960s psychedelic tracks by the Grateful Dead and The Beach Boys by Adam Rubin.

Disco He-Man is performing “What’s Going On”

16 Dec

So, anyone out there getting a sparkling new Disco He-Man for christmas? You are right, you are right, this is not about He-Man; this is Prince Adam trying to get independent from his brute alter ego, trying to live a more peaceful and cultured life.

Everyone have a nice sunday! “Now is time for cake.”


15 Dec

A pretty weird psychedelic film by  by Rafaella Angelica Nepales.

(Link: Adam. Thanks!)

As Above, So Below

14 Dec

A view of things through the prism of geometry and pattern.

Zef Style! Die Antwoord

13 Dec

Die Antwoord is the most psychedelic music group I’ve heard/seen in years!

From the hoods of South Africa, Ninja and Yolanda are not only a music group but also create a fashion style and state of mind that they call ZEF. Their psychedelic style is not a hippie, let’s go hug some trees, style but rather a dark “we grew up in the hood” kind of psychedelics. It has the most beautiful and stinky underground smell to it. Their music and videos (all designed and envisioned by them)

They are a complete package of music, visuals and a message.

first check out to one of their interview where they “try” to explain what “ZEF” is:


(check out the plant on the right side of the screen:)

This is what happened when Lady GaGa invited them to open for her in her tour (let’s say it’s their way to say no…):



Their vision of being rich is eating Nutela:



And a big shout out to all my freak brother and sisters! I love you:


True skin

12 Dec

A short depicting a possible future where psychedelic visual effects could be matter of everyday…if it’s not already the case !

Written & Directed by: Stephan Zlotescu
Director of Photography: H1
Original Music: J-Punch
Producer: Christopher Sewall
Manager: Scott Glassgold / IAM Entertainment

An N1ON Production

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