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E4 Xmas

24 Dec

Merry Psychedelic Xmas

(Link: Pira. Thanks!)

Christmas Unicorn in a Uniform made of Gold – Sufjan Stevens’ Friendship Slay Ride

23 Dec

Pet Goat ii

22 Dec

Although it seems the world did not end yesterday, somber powers are still at work. This very dark video which contains many esoteric references  to occult theories and symbols creates a powerful dark but very psychedelic effect. Watch at your responsibility.


21 Dec

Here is some 3rd eye imagery, pyramids, and flying castles for your brain.

Major Lazer – ‘Get Free’ feat. Amber

20 Dec

Join Major Lazer on this weird journey….

Avi Buffalo – What’s In It For?

19 Dec

A music video clip where the characters evolve in a psychedelic environment !

by Andrew Huang

Tom Tom Club – Genius Of Love

18 Dec

LSD effects through a 1980s pop art visual filter. Artwork by James Rizzi (1950-2011). Audio on the vid is a bit on the loud side, so adjust to a safe setting before pressing play.

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