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“Here Comes the King” by Snoop Lion

23 Jun

The video for Snoop Lion’s “Here comes the King” delivers sweet retro pixeldelia.

[thank you,  Dimi, for providing the link!]

A psychedelic love video

22 Jun

A video which was done by a friend for our friends’ wedding which took place yesterday, in the longest day of the year. The voice in the background is the groom singing “I love you”. I loved the shooting style, which uses the simple technique of suddenly pointing the camera towards the sun or the illuminated sky again and again, stunning the camera with light and achieving a special transcendent quality, which transforms the singer’s words into a proclamation of love to the sun and the universe itself. The gaze, which is directed towards the sun again and again from various settings in the Israeli environment, makes this into a love song to the sun who is with us everywhere radiating its glowing light. Beautiful.

Mount Kimbie – Made To Stray

21 Jun

Great video from Mount Kimbie: slowly evolving from abstract shapes to fractals and vectors.

Salad Syphon by VJ Tasha

20 Jun

Grow your own! And then have a psy salad:

Fantastic Fungi: The Forbidden Fruit

19 Jun

An excerpt from the feature documentary by Louie Schwartzberg following notable mycologist, Paul Stamets, as he discusses the important role mushrooms play in the survival and health of the earth and human species.

Sándor Reisenbüchler: Zöld intelmek minden napra / Green warnings for every day (1993)

18 Jun

The ending brings to mind Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song” (1995).
Co-directors: István Orosz, Dóra Keresztes, Zsuzsanna Bulyáki, Mihály Sikur.

Azealia Banks – Yung Rapunxel

17 Jun

Azealia Banks comes at you with another psychedelic video.

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