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Trypophobia – stippling in colors

2 Oct

Seyit UYGUR { Ebru Artist }

30 May

The Comet Is Coming – Summon The Fire

17 May

Abstract jazz electro distortion? What do you think?

Slugabed ‘Sun Too Bright Turn It Off’

29 Mar

A nice colorful look at retro electronica and lofi

“Pacific Light” by Rus Khasanov

28 Mar

Animated Data Visualization of Classical Music

31 Jul

Hope everyone had a good month of July this year. To end this month off, i wanted to show you all a visualization of pure beauty.

The composer of the song Olafur Arnalds, originally wrote this song for a bathtub commercial. But when the bathtub people did not like it, he used it for himself. An art student then used After Effects to create a stunning visual animation.


Ferrofluids, art and sound !

21 May

Ferrofluids reacting to magnets and sounds !!

Even more psychedelic when mixes to water colors…

Untitled // Ultimaya

8 Feb


A new excerpt of a work in progress by Nataraj (Ultimaya) drawings put into colored  video animation !

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