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“The Rip” by Portishead

15 Jul

“Magic Doors” by Portshead

23 Apr

“The Flower Lady” by Locust

5 Jun

No Brain

17 Oct

There are many flavors of psychedelia, and one–I think–is thoughtlessness. In these videos, there’s not too much to contemplate, but I’d say each is a pleasure to watch. Though I can’t recall the source, a few simple words from an album review still stick with me years and years later, “Give your brain the night off.” This weekend I provide you with three samples of 3D animation to do just that.

Letherette – Cherryade

14 Sep

There’s something I enjoy so much about the stall-and-then-lurch-forward cadence of the animation. Somehow I think it just suits the track’s sound of tripping over and over itself before breaking free again. Can anyone in our audience identify the animated film featured in this video edit?

Oddisee – After Thoughts

24 Jan

Gorgeous visuals overlaid on top of one another, imagery varied but put together oh so elegantly, mightily chilled out trip-hop to accompany it all. Ladies and gentlemen, I hope this one is a suitable contribution to your weekend recreations.

Pretty Lights

10 Jan

My lifestyle has allowed me to step in and out between life in the city and life in rural America. I’m about to give up the cities for quite a long while, and videos like this do well in capturing what it is that I’m going to miss. Day to day lives of people in all different states of mind and stages in life, all of it melting together in the streets. Briefly and constantly. If you’ve only got time for one video, and you’re feeling something mellow, existential, anthropological, I’d take the first one. If you’re in need of something with a bit more energy and want more of a ride than a people-watching experience, maybe give Door Number 2 a try.


Emancipatore – Nevergreen

8 May

I just discovered this abstract hip hop / trip hop producer from Portland, and found his music relaxing full of melancholia  !

“Emancipator’s music can not be described by just one word. To do so we’d have to combine into one: hypnosis, beauty, melancholy, a little bit of heartace and this ‚Äěsomething” that makes shiver run down your spine.
This video — the very first Emancipator’s official video — was meant to be an experiment. Can the beauty of music match and — once again — combine totally random shots into a unity? Can we mix all those elements into one?”

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