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Alex Banks – ‘Chasms’ (dir: Morgan Beringer)

22 Apr

Morgan Beringer’s latest breathtaking masterwork! MB is no stranger around this site, and has been working on personal projects at an amazing pace. He just started a Patreon that is very modest, and worth your support if you can.

Flight Through Spacey Design Elements

1 Jan

Hope everyone had an amazing and/or psychedelic 2017!

Here is a trippy experimental short film, taking you deep into time and space to help kick off your year of psychedelia

Heres to 2018, and hopefully, another great year


Dreams that Money can Buy

18 May

[ From Wiki]:

Dreams That Money Can Buy is a 1947 American experimental feature color film written, produced, and directed by surrealist artist and dada film-theorist Hans Richter.

The film was produced by Kenneth Macpherson and Peggy Guggenheim.

Collaborators included Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Alexander Calder, Darius Milhaud and Fernand Léger.

The film won the Award for the Best Original Contribution to the Progress of Cinematography at the 1947 Venice Film Festival.

Music: John Cage(segment “Discs”)

Mirages by Sabrina Rattlé

13 Mar

Music by Le Révélateur.

A breathtakingly beautiful exploration of the geometries of light and color beyond the limitations of space.

Sabrina Rattlé is a Canadian exerimental film maker and Mirages is a collaboration with the Canadian musician Le Révélateur. While watching the film one feels that the sound is really woven into the images.

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