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Quelle Chris & The Alchemist “Iron Steel Samurai”

8 Jul

Sounds Beautiful Like The Truth – Mello Music Group

„Wanwa the Doggy” by Shin’ya Ōhira (from Genius Party – Beyond)

25 Jun

in the blue shirt – “toward morning”

13 Mar

“ME!ME!ME!” by TeddyLoid feat. DAOKO

26 Jun

super trippy and crazy high quality animation (with some links to Neon Genesis Evangelion).

“Brush the Heat” by Little Dragon

19 Apr

“The Hive” by Melt Banana

5 Oct


“fake!fake!” / A crow is white “fake!fake!”

23 May

New Tokyo Ondo

25 Nov

Beautiful and mind-bending animation!

Check it out! You’ll be delighted.

Here is the homepage.

[thank you, Arjan!]

Hola – Taye Taiwo

16 Nov

Japanese psychedelic awesomeness. The tale of an amphibian and moonchild beneath the sea.


13 Jan

Omodaka (also known as Far East Recording) is a Japanese collective of visual artists and musicians. Their multimedia projects fuse traditional Japanese music, electronic elements, animation, motion graphics, and visual art pieces. Their video Asadoya Yunta (above) juxtaposes calligraphy with computer animation, contrasting various dimensions: 2d versus 3d, curvilinear versus rectilinear, organic versus synthetic. The video below, for Hietsuki Bushi, is a psychedelic animation that is as vibrant as the music that accompanies it. I have no clue what it’s about though.

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