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Dub Thompson – “No Time” (Official Video)

22 Nov


21 Nov

Autolux – The Science of Imaginary Solutions

20 Nov

The visionary art of Mark Whalen is brought to life by Thomas McMahan in this spine-tingling music video for Autolux’s song “The Science of Imaginary Solutions”. Make sure to check out the making of/behind the scenes short from Juxtapoz Magazine.

Tangerine Dream – Ricochet

19 Nov

On the 11/12/2010, I published Tangerine Dream – Live At Coventry Cathedral 1975 ( because I have been smashed by the discovery of this Psychedelic Band.

My interest for Tangerine Dream has never stopped since!

Today I want to share an other gem :

Team Spirit music videos by HannesJohannes

18 Nov

Some pretty horrifying (not to mention NSFW) psychedelic adventures in this saga!

Trailer pt 1

Trailer pt 2

Fuck The Beach

Jesus, He’s Alright

MRDR It’s Ok

Teenage Love


4seven / Idents

17 Nov

A beautiful hyper-panoramic ident for the channel 4seven challenges the limits of 3rd space.

(Link: Bartek Turczynski. Thanks!).

“Sayit” by Röyksopp & Robyn

16 Nov

this is some heavily stylized Scandinavian glitchedelia.


Low Pros – “100 Bottles (feat. Travi$ Scott)”

15 Nov

An awesome music video to Low Pro’s “100 bottles”.

(Link: Bartek Turczynski. Thanks!)

FKA Twigs – Video Girl

14 Nov

Greg Barth’s Essays on Reality

13 Nov


Essays on Reality is a 2 chapter series from the mind of Greg Barth.
Social commentary through beautiful, minimalist visual poetry.
For the making-of, analysis, and more, checkout the feature on cargocollective.

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