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The Path (ZX Spectrum demo by Cyberpunks Unity & Inward, 2004)

25 Nov

Cyberpunks Unity is a ZX Spectrum demo group from Rybinsk, Russia. Inward is their subgroup. You can get the original demo from

Elephant’s Garden – Felix Colgrave

24 Nov

Animator Flexic Colgrave takes us into a mind boggling multi-layered, hyper-dimensional magical trip in a world of llamas, dragons and big eyed birds.

(Link: Mary Jane Gibson. Thanks!)

“The Bath Tube Session” (Berlin, 1969) by Tangerine Dream

23 Nov

I want to add this to baba samas’ recent post of Tangerine Dream videos.

This video of Tangerine Dream’s “Bath Tube Session” in Berlin in 1969 might not have fancy animations or effects, but it really expresses (and documents) the psychedelic spirit like no other (just look at that trippin’ crowd).

Dub Thompson – “No Time” (Official Video)

22 Nov


21 Nov

Autolux – The Science of Imaginary Solutions

20 Nov

The visionary art of Mark Whalen is brought to life by Thomas McMahan in this spine-tingling music video for Autolux’s song “The Science of Imaginary Solutions”. Make sure to check out the making of/behind the scenes short from Juxtapoz Magazine.

Tangerine Dream – Ricochet

19 Nov

On the 11/12/2010, I published Tangerine Dream – Live At Coventry Cathedral 1975 ( because I have been smashed by the discovery of this Psychedelic Band.

My interest for Tangerine Dream has never stopped since!

Today I want to share an other gem :

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