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Ward- Hiphopefullyzz (prod. by E&K)

21 Jul

Fantastic and spectacular video to Ward by Hiphopefullyzz.

Perceptronium (music video by Zebbler Encanti Experience)

20 Jul


Pridjevi – Ako je (Official Video)

19 Jul

Lighting of the Sails at Vivid LIVE 2018 | Metamathemagical by Jonathan Zawada

18 Jul

Jonathan Zawada did killer projections on the facade of Sydney Opera House. Look out for the mushrooms.

Georges Schwizgebel: Chemin Faisant (2012)

17 Jul

je ne puis méditer qu’en marchant ; sitôt que je m’arrête, je ne pense plus, et ma tête ne va qu’avec mes pieds.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Les Confessions

Guided By Voices – Cigarette Tricks

16 Jul

Fan video for one of the greatest short rock songs of all time, by the masters of the brief and befuddling, Guided By Voices. May need to be viewed 20 times in a row for full effect.

“The Rip” by Portishead

15 Jul

總 / 71 ( prod.DON-8 ) from 8cloudbroz

14 Jul

Science, it works. Bitches! – A fractal short

13 Jul

Fractal depiction of the scientific microcosms!

Skeleton of Color – Sixty Second Docs

12 Jul

Butch Locsin brings color to darkness in this video by 60 Second Docs.

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