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A Brief Guide to Egyptian Surrealism | Tate

20 Aug

EL Waili – EL Odissa (الأوديسة)

18 Dec

Zaid Khaled x El Waili – Lame | زيد خالد و الوايلي – ليم

16 Oct

EL Waili – 1998

9 Oct

EL Waili – 2010 / الوايلى – الفين وعشرة (Official Music Video)

2 Oct

El Waili is the most psychedelic Egyptian artist I’ve coe across. He creates these Electro Sha’abi (Sha’abi= folk in Arabic) beats that are so special. The video itself is also an interesting video art piece. Enjoy!

Biofluorescent Night Dive – Dahab/Red Sea (Egypt), Masbat Bay/Mashraba, “Roman Rock”

4 Mar

Bio-fluorescence is cool!

Joe from the “It’s OK to be Smart” blog writes about this video:

“A team from the company FireDiveGear investigated some undersea biology off the coast of Egypt during a night dive. What made it special was that they illuminated their subjects with a narrow band of light, between 450 and 470 nanometers, which just so happens to be the only wavelengths that can penetrate the upper layers of the open ocean.

What this gives us is a beautiful fluorescence that is usually masked by contaminating white lights (and daylight at shallower depths). What would normally be too dim for our eyes is brought to life using this special equipment. In a sense, this is what life really looks like at this depth, to those creatures that have evolved to see it.”

(Link: David Montgomery. Thanks!)

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